About Us
Your Marketing Practice isn’t like a lot of other marketing companies you’ll come across. Most marketing companies have a specific product or service they specialize in and as a result, when you work with them you end up with a product or service that may or may not fit your practice.

You see, we recognize that EVERY practice is different and unique.

Some practices have lots of doctors offerings lots of different services. Some are smaller and focused on a just a handful of services. Some are located in large metropolitan areas, while others are located in more rural settings that aren’t as competitive.

Just as every practice is unique and different, the path to achieving those goals is most likely just as unique and different. The problem then becomes, how do you decide which tools, resources, strategies, or techniques will help YOUR practice achieve maximum results from your marketing efforts?

That’s where Your Marketing Practice comes in.

When you choose to work with us, we start things off by doing a great deal of research and analysis. We dig deep to determine:

  • ​Who’s your primary competition (could be another dentist, could be another product/service competing for your patient's attention and dollars)
  •  What challenges do you face given your geographic location
  •  What are you already doing very well that we can simply enhance
  •  What resources do you already have at your disposal (could be marketing materials, channels, team members, etc)
  •  Where are we starting from and what are we trying to accomplish

Once we’ve determined the objectives, where we’re starting from and what resources we have to work with, we then create a plan to overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities. This plan could include just one of the many dental marketing services we offer or it could include all of them. Again, each practice is different and requires a unique approach.

After the plan has been created, based on the assets we have available, we then set about implementing the plan. For many practices, they have team members assigned to be responsible for marketing (social media, website maintenance, create content, etc) and we would hand-in-hand with these resources to make sure things are done how and when they need to be done.

For other practices, there isn’t a team member available and so we become the resource to make sure things are done. Again, it all depends on the practice.

Also, because successful marketing is an on-going process, very rarely do we ever do one-time projects. Yes, it happens, but not very often. Our typical client relationship starts out with a series of one-time projects (develop a new website, create social media or local directory profiles, create specific marketing content, etc.) that are required to create a foundation for effective on-going marketing. 

Once this foundation has been created, we transition into a month-to-month engagement with fees ranging from $250 – 5,000/mo (average client investment is $1,500/mo), depending on the size of the practice, number of locations and the amount of work being done. There is usually a one-time setup fee as well, the cost of which depends on the specific projects.

As a client, you’ll have direct access to your own highly qualified and experienced account manager to help answer any questions, discuss new opportunities or challenges and make sure things are progressing as they should.

We also provide a full range of reporting and analytics so you’ll know exactly what’s being done and how well we’re moving towards the objectives laid out at the outset.

So, if you’re ready to have your own, highly experienced, ‘become-part-of-your-team’ marketing department, call Your Marketing Practice today at (855) 909-0010.

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