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Marketing today has become more challenging than ever. With the hyper-competitive nature of the dental industry AND a constantly evolving selection of marketing channels, finding, connecting, engaging with and converting prospects into quality patients is just plain tough.

Unlike 99% of dental marketers who offer a variety of marketing services, we only focus on one thing - connecting you with people that are ACTIVELY looking for the high value services you provide.
Here's the deal, while most of your competitors are simply trying to find where the potential patients are and then position themselves in front of them, hoping to make some type of connection, we provide our clients with direct acces to the people in their marketplace that are ACTIVELY looking for the high-value dental care services you offer.

What this means is you can connect with these people BEFORE they ever discover your competition.

This gives you a massive advantage because it allows you to:
  • Set the buying criteria. Due to the fact you're able to connect directly with these potential patients before your competitors even know who they are, you get to set the criteria by which they select their dental care provider. This means you're able to easily position yourself as THE expert and eliminate any chance of them choosing one of your competitors.
  • Maximize your ad spend. With the list of prospects we're able to provide you can        STOP spending money advertising to people that might be interested. Instead, focus your advertising dollars on those people that you know are ready to buy right now. This means fewer, but higher quality interactions which ultimately means higher quality patients.
  • Shorten the sales cycle significantly. Again, because these potential patients you'll be able to connect with are actively looking to purchase your high value dental services, you won't have to spend hours, weeks or months trying to convince them to buy.         The data we provide includes people that are very close to making a buying decision.
  •  Eliminate the waste in your ad costs and time invested. With laser targeted marketing to prospects ready to take action now, your marketing waste is cut dramatically, allowing you to focus on what really matters, putting beautiful, healthy smiles on your patient's faces.
Reputation Management
Reputation Marketing for Dentists - Get More Dental Patients
One of the first things potential patients do when choosing a new service provider is to check out your online reputation. So even though with the list of ACTIVE prospects we provide, it's still important to make sure they see a 5-star reputation when they do their research.

Our easy-to-manage review marketing platform allows you to quickly and easily:
  •  Request reviews from patients via email or text message (text works MUCH better!)
  •  Monitor reviews and        be alerted immediately when they get posted online
  •  Automatically post the positive reviews across the Internet to spread your positive influence
Maximize the effectiveness of ALL your marketing efforts by proactively developing and marketing a 5-star reputation. 
Local SEO
Another important part of establishing your practice as THE dental care experts is appearing at the top of the local search results.  

This isn't as critical as having a 5-star reputation because you'll be capturing leads BEFORE they can search for anyone else, but it's still an important part of your overall strategy.

With our proven process for getting you ranked in the Google 3-pack, you'll get:
  •  Increased visibility for your other services - check-ups, cleanings, teeth whitening, etc.
  •  Easy access for existing patients to find your contact information and directions
  •  Potential patients that aren't 'In Market' just yet.
Dental Marketing SEO - Get More Dental Patients
5 Reasons Why Dental In-Market Leads Could Be YOUR Secret Weapon:
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