Responding To Google Reviews Just Got MUCH Easier

Getting LOTS of Google reviews is a very important part of building a positive online reputation and one important, but often overlooked part of maintaining your reputation is taking the time to respond to these reviews.

Customer service is a critical part of building a thriving, profitable dental practice and when you take the time to respond to patient reviews, it lets your existing patients know that you appreciate their feedback.  Even more importantly, when potential patients are searching online for a dentist or are checking you out based on a patient referral and they see you taking the time to respond to reviews, it sends the message that you take customer service seriously and are paying attention to what your patients are saying.

Unfortunately, responding to Google reviews hasn’t always been an easy task.  The first challenge has been identifying when you have a new review to respond to, which has meant checking your Google profile on a frequent basis, looking for any new reviews that have been posted.

Then once a new review has been posted, you have to log into your Google account, figure out where they’ve hidden the reviews during their most recent (and frequent!) reconfiguration and then finally, trying to find out where you can actually respond to reviews.

Fortunately, with our Listing Sync service, it’s a piece of cake. Here’s quick video that highlights just how easy it is to stay up to date with your Google reviews AND quickly respond to any new reviews that have been posted.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can easily manage your online presence, Contact Us today. We’d be happy to give you a demonstration.

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