Marketing Channel ROI


Marketing Channel ROI is like X-Ray vision into your practice’s marketing.

We calculate the Marketing Expense ROI for you so you’ll know with certainty, what’s working & what’s not to more effectively plan your marketing strategy! All of your marketing has a unique number and is easily tracked to see where your the best/most profitable patients are coming from.

With Marketing Channel ROI you get:

  • Complete clarity into who’s calling, where each call is coming from  and the reasons why they don’t schedule an appointment
  • You and your office manager (or whoever else you designate) receives a text message within 10 seconds of a call to your office going to voicemail, going unanswered or getting a busy signal
  • Understanding into how each of your team members are performing, how well they’re converting new patient opportunities and ways you can either improve their performance or make necessary changes
  • Learn EXACTLY why your prospective new patients are saying “No” to making appointments so you can train your team as needed
  • Track the profitability of EACH PATIENT in order to determine the profitability of each lead source
  • Human call auditing in order to identify the true lead source
  • Detailed reports by the 10th of each month for the previous month’s data

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