3 Must-Haves For An Effective Local Website

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Your website is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. As potential patients are online searching for the right dentist to care for their’s and their family’s smiles, your website is usually one of their first interactions with your brand. It is also a resource for existing patients or those looking for additional information about [...]

Let’s face it, the age of the smart phone is here.  Sadly,  many dental practices are still in the dark ages when it comes to this growing phenomena. Most dentists are playing catch up with their patients and their buying behavior. A recent survey on showed that of 500 small business owners, only  26% of [...]

Unless you’re just now waking up from a multi-year slumber, your dental practice has a website. Almost everyone does and if they don’t, they should.  A website is just part of doing business in today’s Internet-fueled marketplace. However, just because you have a website doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good one or that it’s doing [...]