Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

So many times we hear dentists say, “Social media just isn’t for me. I don’t use it, I don’t understand it, it takes too much time, therefore I don’t see the value in it.” Most aren’t sure where to start or how to keep it going. And besides, they should be focusing on actually running their [...]

facebook marketing for dentists

To most brands, social media is still confusing. Use Facebook to boost business—but how? Find success on social networks—but what does that mean? If these are questions that you’ve asked yourself, you’re not alone. The truth is, most brands are making the same mistakes on social media, and you might be one of them. To [...]

When you hear the term ‘social media’, if you’re like most you naturally assume the conversation is about either Facebook or Twitter and while you’d be correct, it would also be short-sited to think those were the only two sites worth mentioning. Yes, those are without a doubt two of the most popular social media [...]