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Last week we talked about Snapchat and some ways you can use it to grow your practice.  This week, we’re going to talk about the uber-popular photo sharing social media platform, Instagram. Assuming you’ve already setup your account and have figured out how to snap pics, apply some filters or adjustments and then share with [...]


Social media has been around for long enough now that it should be at least a small part of your overall marketing mix.  In order to truly be seen as ‘the expert’ in your local marketplace, you HAVE to be using social media to help grow your brand, increase awareness and strengthen your relationship with [...]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

So many times we hear dentists say, “Social media just isn’t for me. I don’t use it, I don’t understand it, it takes too much time, therefore I don’t see the value in it.” Most aren’t sure where to start or how to keep it going. And besides, they should be focusing on actually running their [...]

Dr Micheal Salzhauer - Snap Chat Plastic Surgeon

In the last post I talked about growing your practice by becoming THE Expert Dentist in your marketplace and I shared three specific things you can do to make that happen. Well, today I wanted to share with you one unique and very interesting way a plastic surgeon is using to dramatically grow his practice. Now, before I [...]

facebook marketing for dentists

To most brands, social media is still confusing. Use Facebook to boost business—but how? Find success on social networks—but what does that mean? If these are questions that you’ve asked yourself, you’re not alone. The truth is, most brands are making the same mistakes on social media, and you might be one of them. To [...]

The Pareto Principle and Social Media for Dentists

We’ve had numerous conversations with clients and prospects over the past few months about the types of content and frequency of content being posted to social media profiles, specifically Facebook.  In most cases, the conversation includes one or several of the following: “You’re posting too frequently”, which is typically 1-2 times per day for Twitter [...]

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is far and away the most active of all the  social networks and with a user base that large, it could be considered one of the most populous ‘communities’ on earth.  Just like any community, no matter the size, Facebook has its own set of unique customs and norms [...]

The Majority of Dental Office Managers Agree

Just this past week, GSD exhibited at the AADOM show in Scottsdale and spent 2 1/2 days talking to dental office managers about the challenges they face every day with regard to Internet marketing and social media. Without a doubt, Internet marketing and social media were hot topics and we learned a lot just by [...]

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak in Las Vegas at the CEREC 27 Anniversary Event. Talk about a first class event – wow! I believe this is the future of dental learning and tradeshows. During my lecture to over 200 dentists, I asked how many of them were using social media to inside [...]

The 12 Steps to Social Media Recovery

Do you ever feel like you’re being overwhelmed with all the talk about social media these days? Are you tired of being hit over the head with Facebook and Twitter? Well you’re not alone! We work with dentists all day long that are sick and tired of feeling like they need a social media intervention.  [...]