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3 Benefits of Dental Marketing Automation

marketing automation

A key piece of an effective marketing program in today’s technology-fueled dental marketplace is automation or tools that either make repetitive, but important tasks easier to do or replace them completely.  A common marketing automation tool that most dentists are likely familiar with include like DemandForce or LightHouse360 that send automated appointment reminders via email [...]

Acres of Diamonds Already In Your Practice

One of my favorite stories is of an ancient Persian named Ali Hafed, a very wealthy man in his place and time. To paraphrase, one day a Persian elder told Ali a story about how the world was made and as part of the story, told him about diamonds and how valuable they were. Ali [...]

Create Something That Will Make The World Awesome

Because it’s such a beautiful day here in the Carolinas, I wanted to share something a little off the usual marketing topics. My hope is that this bring a smile to your face AND give you something great points to consider as you head into your weekend. Often times in life we get so caught up in [...]

A New Year To Take Control Of Your Success

YOU Control Your Success

Just to let you know right up front, this post is going to be considerably different from anything else you’ve read to date on this website or blog.  While the topics normally fall within the realm of marketing or business strategies, this one’s a little outside that box. You see, as we’re now over a [...]

Strategic Dental Marketing

So now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to not only start looking forward to the Christmas holiday, but also to next year and what it could mean for your practice. One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is the failure to plan weeks and months in advance. Most efforts [...]

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Whether you realize it or not and whether you agree or not, your reputation as portrayed online is without question the most valuable asset your dental practice has. I know this is a bold statement considering everything you’ve invested in your physical office, your state-of-the-art equipment and making sure your staff is properly trained. However, given major [...]

The 7R Framework For A Killer Marketing Strategy

5R Strategic Framework

When we talk with dental practices across the country and ask the question, “Do you have a marketing strategy?”, the response is usually something along the lines of, “I’m not sure, but we have a website, do social media, try to get reviews and patient referrals. Does that count?” Sadly, most dentists have been led to believe [...]

Let’s face it, consistently and predictably finding and converting High Value Patients is getting harder and harder. What causes this? There are a few driving forces including just plain bad marketing, increasing competition and your patient’s lack of funds, but THE BIGGEST reason by far is your lack of positioning.  We’ve talked about the importance of becoming THE EXPERT or [...]

Six Universal Principles of Persuasion

Science Of Persuasion

We conducted a survey a few weeks ago with many of our clients and prospects in our database, asking them what some of their biggest challenges were as it relates to growing their dental practice.  By a wide margin, one of the most common responses we got from almost everyone who participated was no-shows or [...]

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A dental practice serving a local community may underestimate the importance of a positive online reputation. You are not looking for nationwide or worldwide patients, so what’s the big deal? Considering 82% of online searchers follow up via an in-store visit it is clear that local customers are using the internet to find information about [...]