Reputation Management

manage your online reputation

  Online reviews have clearly given consumers that power when it comes to reputation and word-of-mouth.  With the ability to share their experience with others, your patients are now in control of the things that are said about your practice. In addition to sharing their experiences for the world to see, others (i.e., potential patients) [...]

Create A Process To Handle Negative Reviews

As a business owner you can do everything in your power to ensure that your patients have a great experience but sooner or later it will happen… you WILL eventually receive a negative review posted online about your practice. So when thinking about handling negative reviews of your business the question you have to answer is [...]

quickly and easily respond to google reviews

Getting LOTS of Google reviews is a very important part of building a positive online reputation and one important, but often overlooked part of maintaining your reputation is taking the time to respond to these reviews. Customer service is a critical part of building a thriving, profitable dental practice and when you take the time to [...]

We’ve talked numerous times about the importance of proactively managing AND marketing your reputation.  Your online reputation is without a doubt, your MOST valuable asset in today’s consumer driven marketplace and patient reviews make up a BIG piece of that asset. In terms of what makes up your online reputation, one of the biggest and [...]

improve your curb appeal

Today I wanted to share with you our approach to ramping up a powerful, strategic marketing plan fast.  In fact, this simple three step approach is the exact same process we use to get any dental practice, in any city in the world up and running growing at a consistent rate in a very short [...]

Tips to Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand the last few years, you’ve heard about the importance of your online reputation. In fact, I would argue that in today’s marketplace your reputation is your MOST valuable asset. No matter how a potential patient learns about your practice (online search, social media post, TV or radio [...]

women shoppers

For most practices, women are the decision maker the majority of the time. Whether it be a family of 4 looking for a family dentist or an older couple with no kids at home anymore, the woman controls the purse strings. In a recent study conducted by Review Trackers, they studied women aged 25-54 and found [...]

Get Patient Reviews with YMP Reviews

As has been discussed previously, it’s important to have a solid marketing strategy in place before you ever spend a dime to market your practice. Hopefully you’ve already read the previous post that introduces a powerful framework you can use to help make effective marketing decisions.  You’ll find it RIGHT HERE if you haven’t already [...]

Get LOTS of Online Reviews FAST

Ultimate Guide To Getting 100+ Google Reviews

Unless you’ve been totally hiding out in a cave for the last few years then you already the importance of having LOTS of online reviews.  This video we recently created shares three specific reasons why having lots of reviews is so important AND it introduces our latest service that will help you get the reviews your [...]

patient feedback

We’ve talked quite extensively lately about the importance of getting LOTS of 5-star reviews for your practice, specifically in Google, but really in ALL of the appropriate online directories. Not only does having a lot of 5-star reviews help you look like the rock-star dentist you are, but it also has multiple benefits that go [...]