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3 Must-Haves For An Effective Local Website

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Your website is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. As potential patients are online searching for the right dentist to care for their’s and their family’s smiles, your website is usually one of their first interactions with your brand. It is also a resource for existing patients or those looking for additional information about [...]

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Today I wanted to share with you our approach to ramping up a powerful, strategic marketing plan fast.  In fact, this simple three step approach is the exact same process we use to get any dental practice, in any city in the world up and running growing at a consistent rate in a very short [...]

If you were to ask most dentist if they have a marketing strategy their answer would be, “Yes!”.   Sadly, the majority of dentists we communicate with (actually, most business owners, not just dentists!) mistakenly think that just because they have a website, Facebook page and are spending money on advertising they have a marketing strategy. WRONG!  A [...]

Google SERP Dentist In Burbank CA

Recently, Google announced a major change to their AdWords format (the paid ads you’ve seen at the top and right side of a search results page), which could potentially mean a lot for your online marketing efforts. Previously, ads ran at the top, bottom and side of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This positioning [...]

Tips to Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand the last few years, you’ve heard about the importance of your online reputation. In fact, I would argue that in today’s marketplace your reputation is your MOST valuable asset. No matter how a potential patient learns about your practice (online search, social media post, TV or radio [...]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

So many times we hear dentists say, “Social media just isn’t for me. I don’t use it, I don’t understand it, it takes too much time, therefore I don’t see the value in it.” Most aren’t sure where to start or how to keep it going. And besides, they should be focusing on actually running their [...]

Over 40 New 5-Star Google Reviews in Just 4 Weeks

Google 3-pack listing for dentist Chickasha OK

We’ve talked many, many times here about the critical importance of gettings lots of positive Google reviews. Google’s still the 800lb gorilla of local search and for a large majority of potential patients that will go online looking for a dentist in your geographic area, it’s the search they’re going to use. Plus, given the [...]

Get Patient Reviews with YMP Reviews

As has been discussed previously, it’s important to have a solid marketing strategy in place before you ever spend a dime to market your practice. Hopefully you’ve already read the previous post that introduces a powerful framework you can use to help make effective marketing decisions.  You’ll find it RIGHT HERE if you haven’t already [...]

Effective Marketing Requires a Starting Point

The competitive landscape in dentistry has changed dramatically over the last decade. With increased competition and the declining effectiveness of traditional marketing methods, to be successful today a dental practice requires an approach to marketing that takes into account the shifts in the marketplace. The primary driver of the decline in traditional marketing’s effectiveness is [...]

When someone searches for you or your practice’s name online, what will they find? Ideally, they would find your website, a frequently updated blog, active social media profiles and LOTS of positive ratings and reviews on the various review-type sites. Unfortunately for some, what potential patients are seeing are negative reviews, bad publicity, other negative commentary [...]