Marketing Strategy

manage your online reputation

  Online reviews have clearly given consumers that power when it comes to reputation and word-of-mouth.  With the ability to share their experience with others, your patients are now in control of the things that are said about your practice. In addition to sharing their experiences for the world to see, others (i.e., potential patients) [...]

Create A Process To Handle Negative Reviews

As a business owner you can do everything in your power to ensure that your patients have a great experience but sooner or later it will happen… you WILL eventually receive a negative review posted online about your practice. So when thinking about handling negative reviews of your business the question you have to answer is [...]

quickly and easily respond to google reviews

Getting LOTS of Google reviews is a very important part of building a positive online reputation and one important, but often overlooked part of maintaining your reputation is taking the time to respond to these reviews. Customer service is a critical part of building a thriving, profitable dental practice and when you take the time to [...]

3 Benefits of Dental Marketing Automation

marketing automation

A key piece of an effective marketing program in today’s technology-fueled dental marketplace is automation or tools that either make repetitive, but important tasks easier to do or replace them completely.  A common marketing automation tool that most dentists are likely familiar with include like DemandForce or LightHouse360 that send automated appointment reminders via email [...]


Last week we talked about Snapchat and some ways you can use it to grow your practice.  This week, we’re going to talk about the uber-popular photo sharing social media platform, Instagram. Assuming you’ve already setup your account and have figured out how to snap pics, apply some filters or adjustments and then share with [...]


Social media has been around for long enough now that it should be at least a small part of your overall marketing mix.  In order to truly be seen as ‘the expert’ in your local marketplace, you HAVE to be using social media to help grow your brand, increase awareness and strengthen your relationship with [...]

patient loyalty

Customer retention is one of the most biggest challenges facing any businesses today. Every type of business, from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop storefronts, in every kind of niche, depends on and profits from the ability to make and keep customers, clients or patients for as long as possible. Why?  Quite simply, because marketing for new [...]

3 Ways Patient Reviews Help SEO

patient reviews

There are lots of ways your practice can improve your visibility in the search engines, but did you know that gettings patient reviews is one of the most effective ways? Reviews fall into a category called ‘user generated content’ and they’re a powerful way to effect your search engine positioning. When you look at the [...]

strategic dental marketing director

Let’s face it, growing a successful dental practice is hard. Not only do you have to worry about staying up on the very latest dental techniques and technologies, you also have to worry about having a competent, happy staff, you need to create an environment your patients feel comfortable coming to, and of course there’s [...]

8 Reasons Why You Need a Hard-Copy Newsletter

As you consider ways to strengthen your relationship with patients, continually position yourself as ‘The Expert’ and ultimately, close your ‘back door’ so patients don’t leave you for your competitor down the street, a hard copy newsletter is something that should be given serious consideration. In fact, thanks to the guys over at The Newsletter [...]