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quickly and easily respond to google reviews

Getting LOTS of Google reviews is a very important part of building a positive online reputation and one important, but often overlooked part of maintaining your reputation is taking the time to respond to these reviews. Customer service is a critical part of building a thriving, profitable dental practice and when you take the time to [...]

Over 40 New 5-Star Google Reviews in Just 4 Weeks

Google 3-pack listing for dentist Chickasha OK

We’ve talked many, many times here about the critical importance of gettings lots of positive Google reviews. Google’s still the 800lb gorilla of local search and for a large majority of potential patients that will go online looking for a dentist in your geographic area, it’s the search they’re going to use. Plus, given the [...]

Get LOTS of Online Reviews FAST

Ultimate Guide To Getting 100+ Google Reviews

Unless you’ve been totally hiding out in a cave for the last few years then you already the importance of having LOTS of online reviews.  This video we recently created shares three specific reasons why having lots of reviews is so important AND it introduces our latest service that will help you get the reviews your [...]

Google my business

As you hopefully already know, your Google listing is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to getting new dental patients. As potential patients go online and search for ‘dentist’ in your local area, your local Google listing is what could potentially show up at the very top of the first page. If [...]

facebook marketing for dentists

To most brands, social media is still confusing. Use Facebook to boost business—but how? Find success on social networks—but what does that mean? If these are questions that you’ve asked yourself, you’re not alone. The truth is, most brands are making the same mistakes on social media, and you might be one of them. To [...]

5 Steps to Improving Your Online Visibility

We have yet to meet a dentist or dental office manager that doesn’t want to find out how to dominate their local search results and reap all the benefits that come from having a top spot in an online search can bring. Once this desire to achieve these high rankings and gain the visibility necessary, [...]

Using Google+ Local to Find New Patients

Although it has been a few months since Google merged with Google Places to become Google Local, there was some confusion as to precisely what this new entity would become. Not anymore. One shining example of what is possible for small business is the Google business page for They’ve employed all of the features [...]

Google Rolls Out Google+ Local

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about how the world of online marketing is becoming more and more social. It used to be you could hire someone to SEO your website and in short order you were ranked at or near the top, but with sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Google+, [...]

A Powerful New Social Media Tool: Google+

In a recent post you were introduced to the three social media sites aside from Facebook and Twitter that any dental practice serious about growing should be familiar with.  One of these sites, Google+ has been quite busy lately making some much needed changes to their design and layout, making it much easier to use [...]

When you hear the term ‘social media’, if you’re like most you naturally assume the conversation is about either Facebook or Twitter and while you’d be correct, it would also be short-sited to think those were the only two sites worth mentioning. Yes, those are without a doubt two of the most popular social media [...]