Follow-Up Marketing

3 Benefits of Dental Marketing Automation

marketing automation

A key piece of an effective marketing program in today’s technology-fueled dental marketplace is automation or tools that either make repetitive, but important tasks easier to do or replace them completely.  A common marketing automation tool that most dentists are likely familiar with include like DemandForce or LightHouse360 that send automated appointment reminders via email [...]

patient loyalty

Customer retention is one of the most biggest challenges facing any businesses today. Every type of business, from Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop storefronts, in every kind of niche, depends on and profits from the ability to make and keep customers, clients or patients for as long as possible. Why?  Quite simply, because marketing for new [...]

8 Reasons Why You Need a Hard-Copy Newsletter

As you consider ways to strengthen your relationship with patients, continually position yourself as ‘The Expert’ and ultimately, close your ‘back door’ so patients don’t leave you for your competitor down the street, a hard copy newsletter is something that should be given serious consideration. In fact, thanks to the guys over at The Newsletter [...]

3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Grow Your Practice

We often get asked, “what’s the one thing I can do to get a whole slew of new patients fast?” Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet. There’s simply not just one thing that will bring a lot of new patients quickly. There are however, LOTS of things you can do bring in at least one new patient [...]

The 7R Framework For A Killer Marketing Strategy

5R Strategic Framework

When we talk with dental practices across the country and ask the question, “Do you have a marketing strategy?”, the response is usually something along the lines of, “I’m not sure, but we have a website, do social media, try to get reviews and patient referrals. Does that count?” Sadly, most dentists have been led to believe [...]

We recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 dentists, all with thriving dental practices, and we asked them what they’re biggest concerns are. Overwhelmingly, one of the most common issues mentioned was the number of cancelations and no-shows and everyone wanted to know what (if anything!) could be done to reduce these. Actually, there are [...]

Don't Have Confused Dental Patients

In a recent blog post we shared three ways you can establish your position as ‘The Expert Dentist’ and one of those ways, establishing the buying criteria, created a lot of follow-up questions. People wanted to know how to do this and they asked for examples of tools or resources to make it easy. As with anything you do, there’s [...]

Become the 'Expert Dentist'

Establishing your position as ‘The Expert Dentist’ in your local marketplace is without a doubt, the FASTEST way to grow your practice. Let’s face it, dentistry isn’t exactly a low-trust type of transaction and getting the quality new patients you should want to build your practice around requires establishing value and trust. Unfortunately, most marketing [...]

3 Ways to Convert Non-Buyers Into Patients

follow up marketing with patients

In last week’s post I shared 3 reasons why you MUST follow up with those patients that don’t initially purchase a treatment plan you’ve presented. While most dentists are content to allow these patients to simply walk out the door, never to come back (and spend money!), the savvy dentist knows that with just a little [...]

follow-up marketing

No matter how good you are at ‘closing the deal’ and getting your patients to accept your proposed treatment plans, you will inevitably have some that don’t immediately ‘buy’. While this is certainly to be expected due to a variety of reasons (still has questions, wants to get a second opinion, just not ready yet, [...]