Social Media Marketing Tips for Dentists

So many times we hear dentists say, “Social media just isn’t for me. I don’t use it, I don’t understand it, it takes too much time, therefore I don’t see the value in it.” Most aren’t sure where to start or how to keep it going. And besides, they should be focusing on actually running their [...]

facebook marketing for dentists

To most brands, social media is still confusing. Use Facebook to boost business—but how? Find success on social networks—but what does that mean? If these are questions that you’ve asked yourself, you’re not alone. The truth is, most brands are making the same mistakes on social media, and you might be one of them. To [...]

The Pareto Principle and Social Media for Dentists

We’ve had numerous conversations with clients and prospects over the past few months about the types of content and frequency of content being posted to social media profiles, specifically Facebook.  In most cases, the conversation includes one or several of the following: “You’re posting too frequently”, which is typically 1-2 times per day for Twitter [...]

5 Steps to Improving Your Online Visibility

We have yet to meet a dentist or dental office manager that doesn’t want to find out how to dominate their local search results and reap all the benefits that come from having a top spot in an online search can bring. Once this desire to achieve these high rankings and gain the visibility necessary, [...]

You have a Facebook page for your practice and you have a few fans. Nicely done. Now, like the smart business you are, you’re looking for some proven ways to engage your followers so you can acquire more of them and make the most of your presence on Facebook. Engaging your fans is a critical [...]

Generate New Revenue Using Facebook and Email

Challenge:  Rapidly Grow the Number of Fans of a Facebook Page Objectives: Increase the number of fans to 500+ Start to use the page as a way to communicate with potential and current patients Generate additional revenue When this project began, our client only had 27 fans of their Facebook fan page and activity was [...]

With over 1 billion users, Facebook is far and away the most active of all the  social networks and with a user base that large, it could be considered one of the most populous ‘communities’ on earth.  Just like any community, no matter the size, Facebook has its own set of unique customs and norms [...]

Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the proverbial sand lately, you no doubt have heard about just how important it is for your dental practice to have a Facebook Fan Page. Yes, while some of the hype could most certainly be considered ‘manufactured’ with the intent of selling something, you really do need to [...]

As social networks have grown in popularity, more and more research is becoming available about how consumers are utilizing this media and how business can in turn use this to their advantage. Social Media Examiner, a great resource for keeping an ear to the social media ground, recently published a blog post about 5 tips [...]

When you hear the term ‘social media’, if you’re like most you naturally assume the conversation is about either Facebook or Twitter and while you’d be correct, it would also be short-sited to think those were the only two sites worth mentioning. Yes, those are without a doubt two of the most popular social media [...]