8 Reasons Why You Need a Hard-Copy Newsletter

As you consider ways to strengthen your relationship with patients, continually position yourself as ‘The Expert’ and ultimately, close your ‘back door’ so patients don’t leave you for your competitor down the street, a hard copy newsletter is something that should be given serious consideration. In fact, thanks to the guys over at The Newsletter [...]

4 Effective Positioning Techniques for Dentists

When it comes to marketing your dental practice, there’s absolutely nothing as critical are positioning yourself correctly. When you can position yourself and your practice correctly, every marketing dollar you spend and every marketing channel you use becomes like a super-powered magnet, drawing prospective patients to your door and converting them with ease. However, getting to this point [...]

When someone searches for you or your practice’s name online, what will they find? Ideally, they would find your website, a frequently updated blog, active social media profiles and LOTS of positive ratings and reviews on the various review-type sites. Unfortunately for some, what potential patients are seeing are negative reviews, bad publicity, other negative commentary [...]

Don't Have Confused Dental Patients

In a recent blog post we shared three ways you can establish your position as ‘The Expert Dentist’ and one of those ways, establishing the buying criteria, created a lot of follow-up questions. People wanted to know how to do this and they asked for examples of tools or resources to make it easy. As with anything you do, there’s [...]

Dr Micheal Salzhauer - Snap Chat Plastic Surgeon

In the last post I talked about growing your practice by becoming THE Expert Dentist in your marketplace and I shared three specific things you can do to make that happen. Well, today I wanted to share with you one unique and very interesting way a plastic surgeon is using to dramatically grow his practice. Now, before I [...]

Become the 'Expert Dentist'

Establishing your position as ‘The Expert Dentist’ in your local marketplace is without a doubt, the FASTEST way to grow your practice. Let’s face it, dentistry isn’t exactly a low-trust type of transaction and getting the quality new patients you should want to build your practice around requires establishing value and trust. Unfortunately, most marketing [...]

Why Social Media for Dentists

In the course of our travels and conversations with many dentists and dental industry insiders, the question always seems to come up, “Do I really need to concern myself with social media?  Isn’t that just for the young kids and technology geeks?” Our response typically goes something like this, “Only if you’re interested in growing [...]