3 Ways Patient Reviews Help SEO

There are lots of ways your practice can improve your visibility in the search engines, but did you know that gettings patient reviews is one of the most effective ways?

Reviews fall into a category called ‘user generated content’ and they’re a powerful way to effect your search engine positioning. When you look at the numbers, it’s almost impossible to ignore the influence patient reviews can have on the buying decision of potential patients:

  • 90% of consumers say positive reviews influenced their purchase decision. (Marketing Land)

  • 82% of users visit review sites because they intend to buy a product or service and 89% make a purchase within a week. (Nielsen)

  • Businesses risk losing as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article is found by users considering buying their product. Three negative articles found in a search query brings the potential for lost customers up to 59% and four or more appearing in Google search results takes it up to a loss of 70% of potential customers. (Moz)

So, How Exactly Do Patient Reviews Help Your SEO?
Part of your efforts to improve online visibility must include developing trust-building social proof that potential patients are looking. Given the state of the Internet and the way things have gone, this type of social proof includes patient reviews and ratings.

Here Are 3 Ways Reviews Help Improve Your SEO

1) Reviews Are Prominently Displayed In Search Results

Using microdata and schema markups, search engines are able to show rich snippets in their search engine results pages.  As Google in particular moves to a more uniform appearance for its search engine pages, paid ads are formatted to look very much like native ads. This makes it less clear where organic search results begin on the page.  With rich snippets and positive reviews, you can make your website listing pop off the page.

You’ll easily spot a Yelp listing using schema markup to boldly display orange star ratings inside organic search results.

Dental Reviews Improve SEO
As a dentist, you can leverage these rich snippets to greatly increase click through rates and bring more traffic to your website.

2) They Provide Unique, Fresh Content for the Search Engines

The search engines like unique content that is updated regularly and patient reviews provide that type of content. When patient reviews are posted on your site, you’re adding user generated content that Google will rank for relevant keywords.  This helps your site rank higher in search results because it gives potential patients information that will better help them understand what your practice is about and how you can help.

3) Reviews Help Increase Time On Site and Minimize Bounce Rate

In your effort to build trust with consumers, remember that users trust content written by real people more than the content written by your copywriters and product manufacturers.  For example, millennials trust user generated content 50% more than other media so they actively search for this social proof.

When you have patient reviews and testimonials on your website not only does it draw prospective patients to your pages, but they also spend time reading these reviews and write ups.  Compared to time spent skimming your marketing material, user-generated content is more thoroughly read and takes up more of the visitor’s time.

Having patient reviews on your web pages, you will be able to influence how visitors interact with your website.  With positive reviews you will be able to build trust and encourage visitors to navigate your website for the comparison information on your services and features they will use to make their buying decisions.  All this clicking around on your website lowers your bounce rate and exposes prospects to all your business has to offer.

Time on site and bounce rate are two factors that Google uses to decide if your content is useful.  When you can increase time on site and lower your bounce rate, Google and other search engines will rank you higher in search results.

Make Getting Patient Reviews Part of Your SEO Strategy

If increasing online visibility, increasing the amount of traffic your website gets and ultimately, growing your dental practice are all goals you have, then you should make gettings patient reviews a high priority.  Patient reviews in rich snippets help your website stand out and they provide the fresh content that search engines are looking for.  You’ll also see positive changes in your time on site and bounce ratings when done effectively.

If you know you need to get more patient reviews, but you’re not sure how to do it, we can help. To get started, just schedule a no-risk, no-obligation consultation.

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