3 Must-Haves For An Effective Local Website

Your website is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. As potential patients are online searching for the right dentist to care for their’s and their family’s smiles, your website is usually one of their first interactions with your brand. It is also a resource for existing patients or those looking for additional information about you and your practice.

Unfortunately, when it comes to designing and promoting their website, many dentists approach it from a very ‘me’ focused perspective instead of thinking about what potential or existing patients want and need to see in order to see you as their prefered dental care provider.

Here are three pieces of information your website visitors are generally looking for and some things you can do to make sure you’re providing what they need:

1. Have Up To Date Contact Info, Address and Hours of Operation

dental marketing web design Many people are going to your website to find the information necessary to get in touch with you OR to actually come to your office.  As such, having current address, phone number and hours of operation is critical.

Don’t get too fancy with these tidbits of information and be sure to display them prominently on the website.  Ideally, your phone number would be somewhere near the very top of the website so potential patients can see it as soon as they visit your site.  The address should also be displayed somewhere highly visible on the first page, either in a sidebar or at the bottom – somewhere it can be easily seen. You might also consider embedding a map of your office with a link to directions, usually via an application like Google Maps or Mapquest.

Finally, the hours of operation should be easily found as well. While these don’t necessarily need to be displayed on the home page, don’t put them any more than one click away from the home page and make them highly visible and easy to read.


2. Tell People Who You Are

While most people will think that this is the place for a 10-paragraph “About Us” tab, in reality, very few people actually reads these lengthy diatribes. Instead, think one sentence, not one page.

Instead of focusing on giving people your life story, look for way to help them understand what makes you unique. Why are you better than your competitors? How do you make sure everyone has an amazing experience? What make your dental practice THE go-to office in your marketplace?

Remember, you have one chance to grab your visitor’s attention—don’t be caught rambling!

3. How Do You Help Your Patients

This should comprise the bulk of your website. As all your marketing should, think about your potential patients and the information THEY want and need to see.  Think about the specific questions they have regarding the services you offer and how you can help educate them.

What information can you provide that will help them realize you DO offer the right solutions to their dental problems? How can you show them the results they could expect to receive as a result of your services? Is there anything you can say or show them that will help them feel comfortable in choosing you?

Focus the bulk of the content of your site on giving potential patients the tools and resources they need to make the decision on their own and your practice will have a powerful tool to help you grow your practice.

Does your website include these three critical components?

If not, WE CAN HELP! We offer a free, one-on-one consultation to help you understand EXACTLY where your marketing is at and what specific steps you can take to improve it.

Go ahead and schedule your free consultation now and let’s get started building you a powerful, practice-building asset today!


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