3 Benefits of Dental Marketing Automation

A key piece of an effective marketing program in today’s technology-fueled dental marketplace is automation or tools that either make repetitive, but important tasks easier to do or replace them completely.  A common marketing automation tool that most dentists are likely familiar with include like DemandForce or LightHouse360 that send automated appointment reminders via email or text message, and direct mail.

There are however, lots of other marketing automation tools that could and in the right circumstances, SHOULD be part of your marketing toolbox.  Here are 3 such tools that you should consider including in your dental marketing arsenal:

marketing automation1) Lead Capture and Lead Nurturing Systems

While this may come as a surprise, not everyone is itching to visit the dentist. Okay, I guess that’s not too much of a surprise, but the point is, not everyone’s ready to purchase your services right now. Yes, there will be some that are, but even if someone is an ideal candidate for your services, the most likely scenario is they’re just not ready to take action today.

With this understanding, it’s important to make sure you have tools and processes in place to automatically capture and then follow up with potential leads. Whether you’re driving traffic to a landing page via paid advertising, running commercials on the local TV or radio station, or sponsoring a booth at a local carnival, you need to have something that captures the prospect’s contact information and then automatically follows up with them over time.

Once you have them in some type of contact database, having an automated system (with as little human intervention as possible) that can follow up over time, providing helpful information can work like a highly trained sales force that is ALWAYS on the job, never takes a day off and will convert interested prospects into potentially long-term, loyal patients.

2) Call Tracking & Detailed Reporting Systems

Again, this is nothing new in dentistry, but is something that is either overlooked OR isn’t implemented in a way that will provide maximum benefit.  With the technology available to businesses today, it’s absolutely silly to be spending money on any type of marketing without having some type of call tracking system in place.

A sophisticated call tracking system will not only tell you which marketing channels are driving patient traffic to your practice, but it also has the capabilities to tell

  • you how many calls your staff is NOT answering,
  • how well your staff is converting potential opportunities,
  • the reasons why potential patients either do or do not schedule appointments,
  • and more!

A quality call tracking system should also make it easy for you to get accurate, actionable data.  After all, what good is it to have a call tracking system, but not be able to tell what’s working, who’s working, what needs to change, what needs to be stopped and what needs to be done more?

3) Automated, but Personalized Greeting Cards 

Let’s face it, everybody LOVES getting mail that isn’t a bill or some type of advertisement.  Unfortunately, with the way email and text messages have taken over our society, the days of gettings a physical letter or greeting card in the mail are few and far between.  As such, just imagine the joy and excitement your patients will experience when they get a personalized greeting card from you in the mail?

Once again, thanks to technology, it is now absolutely possible to send everyone of your patients a personalized greeting card that looks like it was written by you, just for them. Better yet, you can set up a system that automatically sends your patients a personalized greeting card at different times throughout the year.  For example, you could send them a card on their birthday, another one ‘just because’ and one during the holiday season.

Just think how much your patients would rave about that small gesture on your part AND how much it will strengthen the relationship they have with you as their dental care provider!

So, here are three relatively easy to implement tools that can all have a massive impact on the trajectory and growth of your dental practice.  Remember, there isn’t one single marketing method that will produce the results you need to build the practice you want. There are however, dozens and dozens (if not hundreds!) of ways that when working together can produce amazing results.

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